Trikala Jati for JB

Category : 1+1+1... a film series
Nov. 23, 2022 at 11:26 a.m. PST

Jonathan Bernard, percussion

Ashvini Sundaram, dancer

Dr. Curtis Andrews, composer

Statement from the composer:

"I have known Jonathan Bernard (percussion) for almost as long as I have lived in Vancouver (since 2009) and we have shared many stories of travel over these years. One place which captured Jonathan's imagination was Southern India and the amazing way that rhythm and time are expressed in the arts and cosmology there. Knowing his admiration for this musical language and my background within that musical world, "Trikala Jati" was composed for Jonathan with the knowledge that Ashvini Sundaram (dance) would be participating as well. Given this pairing, I chose to compose a "jati", which is a type of "pure dance" form in bharatanatyam, one of the classical dance genres of India. A characteristic feature of this form is the rendition of the same theme in three different speeds/densities ("trikala"), while also allowing for variation and ornamentation within that theme. In this case, we employed a greater use of space in the languid opening section in terms of sound and movement. This contrasts nicely with the density and more intricate sections that follow as time contracts and the rhythmic material and movement becomes denser, excited and climactic."