Category : 2021-2022 Season
Nov. 23, 2021 at 1:25 p.m. PST

Chan Shun Concert Hall, University of British Columbia

Bringing together the medical and artistic worlds, and the worlds of children and adults, Inhale/Exhale presents major new works by composers Taylor Brook and Nova Pon that address their own life-experiences in birth and parenting. Taylor Brook’s Viola Concerto is entitled Provenances and is written for soloist Marina Thibeault and Turning Point Ensemble. The concerto explores the shared traumatic experiences of composer and soloist as recent parents, and is intended in part to “provide respite for other parents and children with similar experiences.” Nova Pon’s new piece, Symphonies of Mother and Child is a personal response to the various stages and emotions associated with the parenting of her first-born child including wonder, attempts at soothing, playfulness, togetherness and independence, calmness, and alarming growth. In addition, we are pleased to present Vancouver premieres of two compositions by Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist Richard Reed Parry recently recorded on his debut album as a classical composer, Music for Heart and Breath. Parry’s intimate duet for viola and piano, and nonet for ensemble utilize basic body rhythms of the performers including heart beats and breathing. Please join us for an extraordinary program in the Chan Shun Concert Hall at UBC that transcends the boundaries of traditional concert experience.

*This concert is a co-presentation with the University of British Columbia