Category : 1+1+1... a film series
Nov. 23, 2022 at 11:26 a.m. PST

AK Coope, clarinet

Matthew-John Knights, composer

Mike Bernard, filmmaker

Statement from the composer:

"Abstraction began as an idea for a collaboration between myself and AK Coope. Early on in our discussions of what this piece could be, I discovered that she had a background in dance and acting, which appealed to me greatly as I often prescribe physical movement and character into my scores for the performer to use as another layer of communication between myself, the performer, and the audience. This piece is inspired by my personal struggles with mental illness, but is not an outright depiction of any specific event. Instead, it is meant to tease the audience's imaginations, as they watch and hear this character on the brink of something serious, as her internal struggles start to spill out into physical manifestations."